Template:Sim Argus Brown is Lux Silvermoon's ex-husband. Lux met him at the park, and started offically dating him in ep 14, "I HAVE A BOYFRIEND!" They got engaged in ep 24, "Confession of a Cheater". Lux once accidently and unwillingly cheated on Argus with Deedee Wynn (She cast a Love Charm on Deedee), But Argus accepted Lux's Proposal anyway. (True Love!) He is the first boyfriend and husband of all of Cupquakes Sims.

In "ITS A BOY & DIVORCE" which is episode 42, the son of Lux and Argus is born, Cupquake names him Lucien Salem Silvermoon. Soon after, Lux confronts Argus because she saw him cheating, they argue and get in a fight, Cupquake decides she wants to go to the future, but there is no option for Argus to go with them (because he was in his werewolf form) so she makes Lux divorce Argus and she leaves him behind in the past while Lux, Ariel, Flora and Lucien Salem all go to the future.


Argus is a Werewolf. he has brown hair, a brown beard and greyish eyes. He wears a grey and orange striped shirt and grey pants.

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