Template:Sim Ariel Lovegood is the daughter of Luna Lovegood and Lina Lovegood. She is the first daughter of the two and currently the only one. In Episode 61, Cupquake accidentally clicks on the birthday cake from Ariel's birthday and makes her blow out the candle, making Ariel age into a teen. In the episode "Moving Into Moonlight" it was announce that Ariel would leave behind her parents in Isla Paradiso, and go to live with her cousin, Flora Lucid, in Moonlight Falls to study equestrian.


Ariel has medium light red hair. She wears a pink and gray long sleeve shirt. She also has purple-blue eyes in most pictures. Ariel aged into a child in episode 59 of Island Paradise. Ariel's hair as a child was in two pigtails, going over her shoulders.

As an Island Paradise teen, Ariel had her hair in dreadlocks, but in episode 4 of Mystic Creatures, she receives a makeover and her hair is now groomed into braids.


Ariel has the traits of "Loves the Great Outdoors" and "Couch Potato" as well as "Animal Lover" and "Socially Awkward". In episode 59 when Ariel grew into a child, Cupquake chose the "Animal Lover" trait stating how she was "just like her mom." In episode "ARIAL'S BIRTHDAY" (Ariel is misspelt in the title) Ariel aged into a Young Adult and Cupquake gave her the Excitable Trait. Ariel likes Irish Green, Fish And Chips and Likes Songwriter. She is a Leo In Zodiac Signs.

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