Template:SimCupquake iHas is the self-designed Sim by the real Cupquake, she is the first Sims character ever created by her. She first appears in the episode "Couch", the first episode of the Sims 3 with Cupquake series and was last seen in the series finale, "Happily Ever After." In "I Met a Man", Cupquake iHas started going out with Sebestian Striker; until "I Met The One", where Cupquake iHas started dating Rafael Striker.


Cupquake iHas has medium dark red hair. She has two bangs, one fixed to her top left forehead and another one fixed to her top righ forehead. Cupquake iHas wears a plain light pink short sleeve, shorts and dark brown boots. She has possible brown eyes. Her hair is in two pigtails, placed on both of her shoulders.

Personality Edit

Cupquake iHas is "Artistic," "Friendly," "Insane" "Party Animal" Sim with a "Good Sense of Humor, also is funny and kind,sweet and caring