250px-Deedee Wynn

Deedee Wynn is Lux Silvermoon's Acquaintance/Romantic Interest. She is also a Witch. She seems to be everywhere Cupquake goes...

Lux was practicing magic one day and she cast a love charm on Deedee; she cast another charm, counting as the interation and making Deedee kiss her. Since Deedee is now in love with Lux, she now constently asks Lux out on dates etc. Deedee, whenever on camera flirts with everyone, she was once seen chasing a random Fairy man at a SimFest Lux, Flora and Ariel were at.

She has also had an affair with Argus Brown because Cupquake cast a love charm on Deedee which makes her fall in love with the first person she talks to. Lux found out about the affair and divorced Argus, going into the future with her and Argus' son Lucien Salem, leaving Argus in the past.


Deedee has dark hair with a pink and purple stripey headband, and a black leather jacket over a black dress with pink stripes.


Deedee has the Good, Excitable, Schmoozer,Childish and Friendly Traits. She is notable for trying to flirt with everyone she sees when on camera.

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