Template:Sim Flora Lucid is a main character in the series Mystic Creatures. She is the cousin of Ariel Lovegood. She first appears in the episode "Moving Into Moonlight." She was mentioned in "Create A Sim", where she was played with by Cupquake since she got the Supernatural expansion pack. 

Once Flora, Lux, Ariel and Lucien all travel to the future, Flora decides to visit her descendants where she meets a young male named Eliseo Lucid. He is her direct descendant, he is married and has a child that is a boy. 


Flora has pastel pink hair that is styled in a poofy kind of look. She wears a plain pink shirt with a peace sign necklace, and black shorts. Flora's wings are pale sparkling white wings with a curving design. They are hard to see if you have bad eyesight.f


Flora has 5 personality traits (not including the green thumb from being a fairy) These are Excitable, Loves the outdoors, Ambitious, Diva and Lucky. Her favourite colour is pink, she likes fruit parfait and is into electronica. She is also a capricorn. These traits were shown by Cupquake in 'Unexpected Romance' when she shows how old Ariel is then switches characters, revealing all characters personality traits.

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