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"SPLIT UP AND RUN!" Prop Hunt - Garry's Mod

"SPLIT UP AND RUN!" Prop Hunt - Garry's Mod

The First Episode Of Garry's Mod

Garry's Mod is a multiplayer gaming series on iHasCupquake's channel. The series began on December 16th, 2013. In the series, Cupquake and various other YouTubers or friends of Cupquake play on multiple game modes in Garry's Mod, each with unique objectives and gameplay. It originally began as an "I Just Want To Play Games!" episode, and then became a series.

Game Modes Edit

Trouble in Terrorist Town Edit

At the start of each round, approximately one quarter of all players are randomly assigned to be traitors, while the remainder are innocent. Some innocent players are granted access to special equipment in order to discover the traitorous players – these are the detectives. The traitors must work as a team to eliminate all non-traitors before the round ends (usually, there is a round timer), without revealing to innocent players the fact that they are traitorous (for then they would be killed).

Detectives and traitors have the option to use certain equipment to achieve their goal. Tools available to traitors include C-4 explosives, knives, radio devices to privately contact fellow traitors and devices to disguise their identity. Detectives have reciprocating devices at their disposal, which include body armour for personal protection against enemy weaponry, DNAscanners for discovering the perpetrators of murders and defusal kits for the deactivation of C-4 explosives. Traitors and detectives may both make use of radar devices to discover the locations of other players. Other items that can be obtained by detectives and traitors are determined by server administrators who add additional items to their servers to appeal to players.

The gameplay shares similarities with the party game Mafia.

Death Run Edit

At the start of each round there are two teams: Deaths and Runners. The objective of the Runners is to make it to the end of the map and kill the deaths. They must avoid any trap the Death throws at them. The objective of the Deaths is to kill the runners using the various traps that the map provides.

Murder Edit

At the start of each round there are two different roles: Bystander and Murderer. In addition, one Bystander will have a secret weapon. The regular Bystander's job is to survive the Murderer. The Bystander with a secret weapon is a randomly chosen player who has been given a gun. This person has to find out who the murderer is and kill him/her.

Prop Hunt Edit

In Prop Hunt, there is a team of Props and a team of Hunters. The props look like inanimate objects and must try and blend in, much like hide and seek. In order for the props to win, all Hunters must die, or the game must run out of time.

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