Template:SimLina Lovegood is a Sim in Cupquake's Sims 3 Island Paradise series. Her wife is Luna Lovegood.


Lina is a girl who has a passion for books, gardening and the outdoors. She joined the nerds and the rebels for a short time. With a calm, mother-nature personality and of course being a bookworm, she is naturally the smartest out of the two. With an almost perfect attendance Lina was classified as "the goody two shoes" in one episode. Lina then takes on new challenges set after moving to Isla Paradisio, like looking after a kitty and being a mermaid.


Lina's hair is the only thing slightly unusual about her, which is a baby-pink color which is straightened and long in university. She wore a quirky cream top with a cute face and light brown leggings in university. In Isla Paradisio, Lina is given a one-piece dress.


Lina is also a lifeguard and does, most of the time, a great job saving people in drowning situations.

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