Template:Sim Lucien Salem Silvermoon is the son of Lux Silvermoon and Argus Brown in Mystic Creatures. He was born a werewolf, since his father Argus was a werewolf and his mother Lux a witch, but he could only inherit one supernatural destiny. Cupquake wanted him to have both a witch name and a werewolf name in his name so she named him Lucien (werewolf) Salem (witch) and he inherited his mother's surname which is Silvermoon.

Lucien is the first child from any of Cupquake's lets plays to be born genetically, not adopted.

Cupquake is planning on raising Lucien in the future, he has had no contact with his father Argus since he was born, he does not yet have a crib to sleep in, and Cupquake doesn't want to leave him on the floor, yet she is planning to stay at her descendant's house in the future.

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