Template:Sim Luna Lovegood is one of the two main Sims in the Sims 3 Island Paradise series, the other being Lina Lovegood. Luna is the wife of Lina.


Luna is a party animal, with a rebellious and daredevil attiude. She is a huge part in the rebel social group too, with a score of nine at the end of the first term. She is described as more outrageous and than Lina Lovegood with a love for kitties, like Cupquake. Luna is also the night-owl, going to cool parties and spray-painting wall murals, not to mention getting in trouble with the cops. She finds new responsibilities in the Island Paradise series and cares for a kitty and tries to discover the kelp recipe in order for her to become a mermaid.


Luna's hair is a bright turquoise and has black tips, her hair is styled wavy. She wears a grey-sleeved top with blue denim shorts and brown ankle-high boots. She also sports tattoos and bracelets.

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