Template:Sim Lux Silvermoon is one of the main characters in Mystic Creatures created by Cupquake. She was married to Argus Brown, then divorced him after having her baby (Lucien Salem Silvermoon) and catching him cheating twice (once before baby and once after.) This all happened in one episode. She is the fifth overall character created by Cupquake in The Sims. She first appears in the episode "Creating A Sim".


Lux has silver hair and blue tips, similar to Cupquake's first hair dye, where she had her original brunette hair with pink tips. She also has a braid in the back of her hair. She wears a blue strap top, a black ruffled skirt, cat leggings and stilletos. 

Personality Edit

Lux is a friendly witch. Cupquake stated "Lux means light, and Lux is light inside and out." Lux's traits have not been shown by Cupquake yet, however it can be assumed that they will be all good traits as Lux is a good witch.

~EDIT~ Her traits are shown in 'Unexpected Romance' She is a night owl, loves the outdoors, genius, irresistable and charismatic. She likes turquoise, cookies and electronica. She is also an aquarius.

Role In Series Edit

Lux starts off living with her roomate, Flora Lucid and her roommates cousin, Ariel Lovegood. In episode 14 a werewolf, Argus Brown, becomes her boyfriend and in episode 31 they get married. During episode 40 Lux gets pregnant and Argus gets caught cheating. In episode 42 Lucien Salem Silvermoon is born and Argus gets caught cheating again so they get divorced. Ariel, Lux, Flora and Lucian go through the portal and into the future. There Cupquake decides to raise Lucian in the future and she starts to settle down. in episode 44 it becomes official they all get Futuristic makeovers and Ihascupquake starts the new name Mystic Future.

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