Enchanted Oasis was a modded multiplayer series and was the sequel to Minecraft Oasis which ended in April 2014. Cupquake, Vengelfe, MittyMoxx and LDShadowLady (later in the series) co-exist in the Enchanted Oasis world. They meet up in future episodes to take part in events together but are staying solo for the most part. The first episodes by Cupquake and Vengelfe were uploaded on the 29th of June 2014. The series ended on the 2nd of November, 2014.

The mod pack was provided by WildBamaBoy & Nova and includes a brand new mod exclusive to the series named 'Woodland Creatures'. Cupquake stated in episode one that the mod is still in development and will eventually be released to the public. It gives users the ability to add ears, horns and antlers to their character's skin, giving them the appearance of woodland creatures. She used the texture pack named Equanitimy and her minecraft version was 1.6.4

The server was provided by CraftNodeHosting who have provided servers to many large YouTube series including Slyfoxhound's "Minecraft Daily". Her seed that she used was 239402341.

Thanks to the community the Enchanted Oasis Modpack and Server can be found here:

Some of the notable pets in the series, where;

  • The Owl Family - A family of owls from the Witchery mod. The owls were created through a long ritual performed by Cupquake and Mitty.


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