UHSHE .3.Edit

Participant Status Episode(s) Placing
MousieMouse Slain by Aureylian 6 11th
LDShadowLady Walked into fire while trying

to escape Aureylian

6 10th
Aureylian Slain by AshleyMarieeGaming 6 9th
HeyImBee Slain by AshleyMarieeGaming 6 8th
iHasCupquake Slain by MKTheWorst 7 7th
AshleyMarieeGaming Slain by MKTheWorst 7 6th
MKTheWorst Slain by Shubble 7 5th
StacyPlays Shot by Shubble 7 4th
NettyPlays Slain by Shubble 8 3rd
Shubble Burnt to a crisp whilst fighting Yammy-xox
Series # Episode # Posted Date
1 1 June 28, 2015
2 2 June 30, 2015
3 3 July 02, 2015
4 4 July 04, 2015
5 5 July 06, 2015
6 6 July 08, 2015
7 7 July 10, 2015
8 8 July 12, 2015
Special Special July 12, 201Rank Table
Participant S.1 Average
AshleyMarieeGaming 6th 6th
Aureylian 9th 9th
HeyImBee 8th 8th
iHasCupquake 7th 7th
LDShadowlady 10th 10th
MKTheWorst 5th 5th
MousieMouse 11th 11th
NettyPlays 3rd 3rd
Shubble 2nd 2nd
StacyPlays 4th 4th
Yammy 1st 1st

Kills TableEdit

List only the players that has gotten a kill. 

Participant S.1 Total
AshleyMarieeGaming 2 2
Aureylian 2 2
MKTheWorst 2 2
Shubble 3 3
Yammy 1 1

UHshe season 2 teams BOOHshe! is the second season of UHshe theme halloween this time there will be a group of 2 and this time if you want to heal yourself you had to use golden caramel apple and many witches,zombies,skeletons, creeper,spider,and lot's of more! and not only you have to guard yourself from other player but you have to guard yourself from monster too!!!.

Once again StacyPlays is the organizer of the tournament and player team up with their closest one here is the groups in following order's and death episode and cause


Teams S.1 Average
Squig and Piper 1 1


  • UHshe is a play on the word UHC, but subsititutes the letter "C" to the word "she". This is due to the series containing all female participants. 
  • MKTheWorst was the first to take damage. 
  • iHasCupquake has the most subscribers at this time with 3 million subscribers, followed by LDshadowlady with over 1 million subscribers, and StacyPlays with over 600k.
  • The series follows the traditional rules of UHC, however, a participant can create a Golden Apple with the use of certain types of flowers. It is still possible to create a Golden Apple with the use of golden ingots and golden blocks.
    • The episodes are a bit shorter than the standard 20 minutes, reduced to only 16 minutes. 
    • Also, participants are given a wolf spawn egg, this item can be used anytime during the game. 
  • HeyImBee is the only Australian to be participating in the first season.  
  • Players were asked if they want a wolf spawn egg or a saddle for their starter kit, but all participants ended up choosing the wolf egg. 
  • Ashley lost the footage of episodes 4 & 5, resolving to skip the days those episodes were scheduled to be uploaded and resuming with episode 6.[1]
  • Stacy confirmed that her mom was the one that thought of the name "UHShe".[2][3]
  • Aureylian is the first person to draw blood as well as the first person to ever kill another player. 
  • A blood chain occured in the first season:
    • Mousie and Lizzie killed by Aureylian. 
    • Aureylian and Bee killed by Ashley. 
    • Ashley and Cupquake killed by MK.
    • MK and Stacy killed by Shubble. 
  • In the After Call, Ashley was present in the call, but not in the server. Aureylian could not make it because she was busy with a meeting. 


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