Mitty, also known as Melissa, is a YouTube Gamer. She plays Minecraft, Android apps and The Sims (3,4). She is part of the Pixel Pact, just like Vengelfe and LDShadowLady. She has several Minecraft series of her own such as "WhimsyLux", "MittyCraft", "Minecraft Sweet Dreams","Minecraft : harmony hollow SMP", etc. She has also joined the crew of Enchanted Oasis.

Personal life Edit

Mitty was born in July 31, 1985 and her zodiac sign is Leo. She is a Cuban-Mexican descendant and her hometown is in Los Angeles. She did jobs in retail stores like at Victoria's secret and Guests. She worked as a receptionist and as a makeup artist. She joined YouTube in June 2, 2011 and did her first video with the title of "Mitty goes to MineCon" she has currently over 200k subscribers and a total of 12 minecraft series. She is five-feet-tall and has dark brown hair and eyes. she has a pet bunny named pixel.

Hair Edit

Her hair has been iconic in her channel. she has done her done her hair in galaxy colors but her normal hair dye is teal.

Trivia Edit

  • She made her house, which is flower-themed.
  • She made her first spell.
  • She tamed a horse which is yet not named.
  • She has visited the Twilight Forest with the other girls.
  • She defeated the Lich King with the other girls.
  • She visited the Nether.
  • She visited the Twilight Forest.

Social Media Edit

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