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The New Quake n' Bake Intro Screen

Quake n' Bake is a series created by Cupquake that consists of her baking game related foods.

The first episode of Quake n' Bake was "RL With Cupquake Ep. 6 "Cake Pop". It was uploaded on May 29, 2011. The most viewed episodes of Quake n Bake are "Minecraft Creeper" and "Steve Cookies" which each have over 1 million views. Cupquake has had many guests on the show to assist her in cooking.


Portal Cake Cupcakes - Quake N Bake

Portal Cake Cupcakes - Quake N Bake

First episode of Quake n Bake

Quake n' Bake has had various guest YouTubers including Red, MinecraftChick, SlyFoxHound, Chimneyswift11 and many others.

Cupquake has made various different types of food, including cake pops, cake, cookies, sugar cookies, truffles, pies, ice cream pops, crispy treats, gingerbread, apple desserts and chocolate button displays. 

Cupquake uses several main materials in Quake n' Bake: marshmallow fondant, sugar cookie mix, Candy Melt, cookie cutters, food colorings, cake (to make cake pops and traditional cake) and royal icing. Cupquake often uses molds to shape these materials to more interesting shapes.

Many of the things she bakes come from the suggestions made in the comments, and the others either being her own creations or inspired by other YouTubers. The creations are meant to be "gaming related."


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