The Owl Family is a family of owls from the Witchery mod on Cupquake's Enchanted Oasis. The owls were created through a long ritual performed by Cupquake and MittyMoxx. In order for the ritual to work, you have to sacrifice a dog, Cupquake used the dog that she bred through 2 of her tamed dogs. She believes the 4 owls that spawned after the ritual are the reincarnation of the dog. Each Enchanted Oasis girl has her own owl, and 3 of them have a name for it.

Luna (iHasCupquake) Edit


Luna is a white owl. She is owned by Cupquake. She is not bound to Cupquake.


September (Vengelfe) Edit

September is a light brown owl owned by Vengelfe. He is not bound to Vengelfe.


Owlie (MittyMoxx) Edit

Owlie is a purple owl owned by MittyMoxx. He is not bound to MittyMoxx.

Unnamed Owl (LDShadowLady) Edit

The light brown owl is owned by LDShadowLady. Lizzie doesn't have a name for it yet. It is not bound to LDShadowLady.

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