Panda Marshmallows

aka Annie

  • I live in New Zealand
  • I was born on April 10
  • My occupation is Student
  • I am Female

Who In The World Is This Chick?!? Edit

Hello Let Me Introduce Myself Hello My Name Is Panda Marshmallow But You Can Call Me Anzy.

You Might Find Me Editing Pages Or Sometimes Editing A Gallery, Sometimes If I'm Bored I Just Go Onto Random Pages And Just Check For Any Spelling Mistakes Or Just Add In Any Extra Details That Someone Might Have Missed.

I Have A Youtube Channel Called Panda_Marshmallows Sadly I Don't Have The Time To Upload Videos So Don't Get Too Excited *Tries To Calm Random Person Down* Ok Fine If That Didn't Work Have A Lollipop *Throws Lollipop*

In Real Life I am a Neat Freak , And Also Kinda Shy But On The Internet I Go CRZ Y! Heh Heh Meow!

Personality Edit

Sweet, Kind, Caring, Artsy And A Professional Weirdo

Images Edit

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